Social Responsibility

Canaf strongly believes in acting responsibly wherever the Corporation operates in the world. At the operation in South Africa, primarily local residents are employed to operate the plants and we believe training and promotion within the company. The opportunity to progress is there for all.

Southern Coal partnership with Ingwe Primary School

Since 2014, Southern Coal (Pty) Limited, the Company’s subsidiary in South Africa, has engaged with the local community school (Ingwe), adjacent to the business. Ingwe School is typical of many rural schools in South Africa, and despite conditions continually improving, only offers the most basic of amenities and resources to the pupils. Since 2014, the Corporation has funded for the construction of a perimeter fence to secure the school¹s grounds and has provided solar lamps for an entire year group. Each investment involves meetings with the school committee so that it has the most impact as possible. Southern Coal continues to work with Ingwe School and plans to implement more key improvements over time, such as the construction of a new infant nursery school, which it plans to complete before the end of 2018.

Chris Way (Canaf CEO) and Piet Cronje (Quantum Director) with Henry Madi (Ingwe School headmaster), and school committee member, at opening of new school fence

Year 4 students receiving solar lamps

Development Projects at Gendema, Sierra Leone

Between 2009 and 2010, Canaf, through it's subsidiary, Canaf (SL) Limited, explored and mined alluvial diamond concessions in the Sewa River, Sierra Leone. During the time in Sierra Leone Canaf (SL) Ltd. employed over 80 local residents and created a local development committee within the community, responsible for controlling the community proceeds from the sales of diamonds. Canaf does not believe is simply handing out, but understands the importance of involving itself in the investment of any funds relating to development projects, so that entire communities benefit form any investment. The following photo shows Christopher Way, President and CEO, with the local village chief and village children of Gendema, in front of the newly refurbished community shelter, funded by the company. 

Canaf also enabled the construction of a community school at Gendema, which was funded using the community proceeds from the sales of diamonds. The Corporation believes that the value of a project is not determined by the cost, but more the by the positive changes that the project has on the local community; it does not always cost much to sometimes make huge positive changes.

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